Miniatures up to ebay...

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, jarhead, Kong

Hi there again,

today it will be a bigger update of some miniatures going out to ebay. This will inform you about what is going out for Sale. Go have a look! May those miniatures find a good new home!

First i want to start with a display model of "El Capitan Alatriste" in 70 mm scale (ahh i did a funny accident in the banner), painted by Robert, muhani or known as the Chimp on MASSIVE VOODOO. A wonderful model in my eyes and the starting price is fair as always. Check out the ebay auction here!

The latest painted Uruk Hai, painted up for gaming purposes is also up for ebay!

Also the latest painted Zombie Ashlee from Hasslefree will be out for Sale. Check her out here!

So far... Happy Bidding!


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