Good Morning Music and Goblin watch

by Roman aka jar

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and a wonderful good morning ...
Busy is my best friend these days as it goes straight to Monte San Savino on Thursday - so much to do before and yesterday I was completly off the hook after our kittens find a thousand ways to get under the kitchenette for several times :D

At the moment I got several emails to write and I'll ask for patience. I am not sure on how much I can do from the things from my list before the plane goes to Italy. So please be patient - I am just human and at the moment busy is my best friend :) - I can promise you News about the big project!

I did finish a little Red Box Goblin 2 weeks ago on a Monday painting night at Raffa's - I started the Goblin spearman on this Monday for a little relaxed painting and did finish him on the same evening - so nothing ultraspecial, but if you know how small they are you can see the fun that I had. The Goblin too was a colour scheme test for the larger scene I'll do with the tomb raiders and Rackham Monster :)

He is known as the greatest Spearman from his Goblin Clan, 
a warrior to be scared of, a true hero on the blade,
soon to rise to challenge the little Orc horde around with his clan.
He is still  not sure about this idea and so he stands watch on the border, 
plays mindgames with his warfare tactics all day long. Busy is his best friend.

Goblin Spearman Watch
Red Box Games, 28 mm

And now I got to check for the Kittens again - sorry I guess I will spam you with kittens the next weeks in my posts - or maybe I'll do a big Keiko and Momoko post as these are the names we choose - I know the Kittens won't care :D

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

if you are interested in making it yours please drop me an email at:
jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com or check the For Sale offers.


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