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Taddddddaaadddaaa Taddarrraaadddaaa!!

The time is over! 
Another MASSIVE VOODOO Contest is over and we got some entries from brave painters around the globe. Their quest was to get their hands on some regular simple sculpted 1:35 Plastic Knights and make them epic. Thanks to everyone who did head for that quest and sent us his entry. The jungle is very proud of you.

I will now show you all entries I did recieve til now. At this point sorry again for switching the deadline so shortly and add some days more. I did not wanted to offend anyone of you - it was just because I failed in managing a painting class and the Challenge over some months of planning.

You can find the Contest announcement, rules, prizes and more here!

Here you go with the ULTIMATE PLASTIC KNIGHT Challenge Entries, with a letter attached to sort them. I will also add some text of the painter if I recieved one:

Sir Godfrey of Cirencester
  by Orctrader

Sir Rodney
by Serafin

this is Sir Rodney with his loyal horse Maximus, ready for the next adventures that awaits him in the boys room, he lives in. The fantasy of the boy turns this little Plastic Knight to an brave an glamorous shiny hero.

I´ve named this diorama "Kinderaugen" (children eyes), cause in the fantasy of children a plastic knight becomes alive. So the Base tells about that. There is a Toy-Bear, which has fur in some parts, cause he starts getting alive in the boys imagination. Also there is earth and dirt, an tree and some gras on the yellow toy-bears Head. I wanted to archive the toys but also it should have an realistic look - not easy to explain in my poor english - sorry for that. Hope you get the idea behind the Scene.


Sir Shitalot
by Ervin 

Sir Strangelot
by Katan


Sir Tiger Ironhunter
Sir Ptah "Death of a friend"
by Ptah

"Here's my entry for the Ultimate Knight Challange.
Titel: Sir Ptah "Death of a Friend"
The model comes from Italeri Crusaders The Knights 1:32 54mm.
 I had lots of fun, working on this model. Thank you for the Ultimate Knight Challenge.


by Vlado

"Sir Ole"
by Ole

"Burn the Witch"
by Malekith

That's it.

Many thanks for your participitation and all your cool entries.
Now the judging begins.
When the judging is done I will inform you about some judging background and thoughts that we've made during the judging work and for sure the winners - but really - in the end you are all winners when I look at your entries - I can see your hearts there and that makes everyone of you a winner. The judging might take some days - I'll keep you informed about progress :)

Now it is time to hit the comments - praise those epic knights like there is no tomorrow!!


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