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by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

i just thought about sharing some wip stuff and two finished pieces from my table... at the moment i'm painting commissions i'm not allowed to show right now so there is not very much new stuff ;)

The first finished project is the proud goblin hunter...... "Level Up!"
I found this dead big ugly bug on my window ledge and i thought why not give this bug the opportunity to live forever ;) The Goblin is from Red Box Games and is actually really small... around 15mm i guess.

Next finished piece is one of my own sculpts, i will post more views and the finished collage when my shop has opened its doors and you will be able to buy it if there is some interest :)
Brekk The Lion was sculpted and painted by myself and somehow i really love how he turned out, this evil-dumb ogre look is just adorable :D

These days i finished a sculpt that mati started, something very small... in the photo it is still very much in the wip state... i will show a finished photo soon :)

And last but not least i started a small Infinity Mech (much smaller than i expected from the price and box, but anyway a very cool model!).... it will be a exchange figure for a painter that still doesn't know of this, hehehehe.... just some base colors and battle damage started, still a long way to go and just toooo many details :O

Tommorow we will leave for another painting class... some time for me to finish some stuff and enjoy a beatiful weekend! As i still have to pack up all my stuff this will be a rather short post :D

So have a nice weekend and paint, paint, paint!


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