Joy of basing

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa, jungle friends ...

It is about time to getting my cleaned workspace ready for ... uhm, yes some work finally :D

I was used to work with 3 lamps by Ikea with daylamp bulbs but somehow it felt after getting older that my eyes need some more light power. Battlefield-Berlin offered a solution as they have a very cool perfect Hobby Lamp to get my workspace ready for some action with good light again. I got to say that lamp isn't cheap - in fact all my 3 Ikea Lamps cost the same together, but there is a difference after assembling it to my workspace- here you can see my usual light I was used to work with:

Unpacking the new lamp:

And my workspace with the new lamp - hell yeah - I am looking forward to many hours on my workspace again and my old eyes will celebrate this magnificant light power. The Ikea Lamps are switched off in this photo - I guess you can see the same difference like I do - it really feels better as the daylight is a lot clearer than it was before.

Some more Danny Macaskill for keeping this post flavoured with a fine video and wonderful music again:

I was talking about working again after finishing the video cuts of Monte San Savino - I have prepared my next projects - the Goblin Spearman by RBG will be painted, based and prepared Allan Carrasco's Rhinotaure to paint it on the upcoming painting class for demonstration and explanation and there is also a little thinking old men getting some colour soon ... here you go - straight out of the process as usual - but with better light :)

Keep on happy painting all around the world!
Best Wishes


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