Prince of Autumn

by Roman aka jar

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Finally I have finished another bigger project - the "Prince of Autumn", a noble High Elf Warrior defending his kind. I really had a lot of fun painting this Games Workshop model due the dynamic motion that is included in the sculpt. That also made it easy to build up the base to underline the overall composition and intense the dynamic drift.

He who enjoys raging war in autumn
because of the sound the leaves do 
while he rushes through with his little pet -
he can just be a true a high elf.

Prince of Autumn
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Hope you like him!
For sure i was inspired by autumn, i really love autumn :)

I am back on the brush and wish some happy autumn painting hours with some hot tea! 
Best Wishes

if you are interested in making it yours please drop me an email at:
jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com or check the For Sale offers.


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