Reef Calendar 2012

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hi folks - Winter is coming and 2012 is getting close - make sure you don't miss this calender ... I've enjoyed via HD, highly recommanded :)

You can win one of those Calendars!! 

What you got to do is
Write in the comments why exactly you should get the Calendar, find some good, serious or funny reasons and one will be the Chosen One.

user who comment via account will count, no anonymous as we can't control how many comments one persons posts via an anonyoum account - I hope you understand that.  

can drop a comment, even the MV Crew - everyone who likes except Raffa, Robert and myself. Closing date will be Friday, November 18th. I'll let you know afterwards via a blog post who made it.

Some more impressions of the 2012 Calendar?

Now I am curious...

I can only suggest that you give it a try - I have mine from 2011 still in place at my workbench and it brings me good fortune :)

Best Wishes


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