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by Roman aka jar

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Man, man, man ...
It was really a hard task to arrive home again after this great weekend in Italy.
Somehow it feels my body acts to calm my mind and there is a little cold lurking at me, but I feel home again and really I got to say this years Monte San Savino 2011 - which was my first but for sure not the last - was some kind of experience I do not want to miss in my life. I am still working on the second video and it is such a pleasure to remember all these nice people, wonderful figures and simply the joy we all had while celebrating our love to those little miniatures. I can't tell what I have learned for me personally just because of being there.

Ok, this goes way into Kong Fu and somehow I think I will keep my Kong Fu Power for the final review write up of the show after the videos are done - this might for sure take some time as there is already a painting class rolling in soon on the next weekend. This post shall be about arriving home to my workbench. I did not look at it for 2 days after the Italy trip as I really was busy with myself that I wasn't interested in cleaning it up :D

And I did not clean it up - after my mind slowed down a bit lately I am just starting right off without cleaning or something like that. Maybe this song here is the reason.

I have a strict plan of projects for myself in the upcoming weeks so you can expect some jungle flow :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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