2 Apes in love with a city - Florence

by Roman aka jar

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Raffa and Roman in Florence, Italy 
on Monday after the Monte San Savino Show 2011 - big thanks to Frank and his lady for the driving skills and the good conversation on the busy italian roads.

The videos below are sure no professional videos - cutting isn't perfect and don't talk about the camera flips during my walk - it is about fun, that's why the camera was on - we hope you like it!

We just had about 4 hours in the city but we managed to see some really spectacular Art History and also were lucky on the weather. Inside the city walls there is much more and you can spent a lot of time walking around with an open mouth - we both already have been there and it is one of the most beautiful cities we have visited so far. Hope you enjoy this little walkthrough with us ... it just leaves me breathless everytime I am there - Raffa with the photo, me with a small video cam - enjoy in HD:

As it looks like the MSS 2011 personal Review from my side will be for sure delayed until next week :D

Busy is my best friend, not really - there are others :) - keep on happy painting out there!


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