1000 - Who is the biggest Ape?

by Roman aka jar

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... and who will win the Diorama that is in progress at the moment? 

Your MV Crew says thanks to all followers of the blog and it seems doing stuff in the jungle is always a big celebration. We again want to give something away to you as a gift.

Prizes - The Project Progress Log
This time it is a project that will need some more time to be finished, but trust me it is worth the wait. It will truely be something epic and personal from the Ape crew. Here is the first preview photo of the diorama - more will be added when the time is right - for sure you will be informed here on the blog.

1. Berlin brainstorm I

 2. Berlin Brainstorm II

3. arrived in Augsburg

4. Work starts in Augsburg 

5. Surfing on colours (early WIP)

Project Log to be continued

There will also be 3 MVW The Colormonkey Tees for you to win. Maybe over time the things to win might grow bigger, you never know as the jungle is mysterious. So 4 people are able to win something - but this time it won't be randomly chosen - you got to do something for us.

What you got to do?
In Germany there is a proverb or a saying that says "don't you act like a monkey" but we want you now to make yourself a monkey - the one who makes the biggest and most epic monkey and impresses us the most will get this ultmative Massive Voodoo Diorama. So it is  up to you - make something stupid, alone, with friends, close to the Hobby or not, whatever you like - be the biggest monkey! Be epic! Have fun!

To explain what we are asking of you: Enjoy your monkey crew making stupid things - may those wonderful moments from the past always be cherised ... watch in HD :)

- Only one photo per person
- Sent your entry to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com  
   with the email title "1000 - *your  name*"
- Everyone is allowed to take part, except the MV Crew
- Closing Date for entries is  still open as we are working on your gift
- Be sure to know that your photo will be shown here on the blog in public - so no nudity, sexual contet or violence allowed neither accepted
- the photo you sent in can be old, new, extra for this or just a snapshot of you
- You are not allowed to enter photos of a person that is not you

Make sure you don't miss your chance and thanks a bunch for the first entries we already recieved - so cool :D

If you got questions via comment they shall be answered to your full satisfaction.

Best Wishes
Your MV Crew

PS: You will find this linked up in the upper right Event banner corner.


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