Well ... 1000!!!

by Roman aka jar

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Well - wow!
You all made a hundred comments on a blog post with a truely ugly banner :D

Many thanks for your nice comments, it is really appreciated.
Thanks to everyone who follows us and after you all completed the massive quest of 100 comments we will reveal the secret:

There will be something BIG to win, better than candy, basing stuff or a bikini calendar of 2012 - a diorama that has his birth in Berlin at the moment will travel over to Augsburg sooner or later to be finished - a really big and mad piece I can promise you, but it will take a while as the jungle always goes slow. You can find the first preview in the end of the following video.

 You all out there will have the chance to win this diorama - there will be other gifts too mainly from the Massive Voodoo Wear Store for some of you, BUT this time there is a difference - you won't get it for free or randomly chosen.

You have to do something and sent us a photo (rules will follow in the upcoming days). In Germany there is a proverb or a saying that says "don't you act like a monkey" but we want you now to make yourself a monkey - the one who makes the biggest monkey and impresses us the most will get this ultmative Massive Voodoo Diorama. So it is  up to you - make something stupid, alone, with friends, close to the Hobby or not, whatever you like - be the biggest monkey ... as told rules will follow and here is a little Surprise because of 1000 Follower and 100 comments you all have achieved - your monkey crew making stupid things - may those wonderful moments from the past always be cherised ... watch in HD :)

You can do several things with this video:

- you can find the preview on the big ultimative Diorama
- you can see it as inspiration for the funny stupid monkey photo we ask of you soon in an official announcement.

I guess you are still guessing about the diorama - what it'll be.
Be sure you get some more information soon.

Best Wishes
Your MV Apes


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