Grand Reopening Battlefield Berlin

by Mati

posted by Mati/Badsmile/lil Orangutan

Hello there Junglefolks !

Proud like two young gods they stood, reopening the store after moving into another bigger and quite epic location.

The new store is huge, apart from all kinds of mini ranges and games there is a nice gaming room in the back. On various points in the store you can find little and big display cabinets showing off a lot of beautiful models.

Aaaaaaahhhhh, NERDVANA !

For the opening a few guests were invited who showed off their work, some demon winning entries and the Slayer sword winning entry from the last Games Day ( Germany) by Monkeybrother Matt. No, I wasn't able to take a decent picture of it but there is a great video of it on our Youtube channel if you haven't seen it yet. ^^

The atmosphere was great and the whole team seemed very happy after the the whole moving thing was finally finished. If you ever visited their online store you can imagine they had quite a lot to do... BUT it was worth it, the new store just really rocks.

I'd say visit them there and see for yourself ! The Battlefield Berlin Team is awaiting you.

Nice weekend and a big thank you to my good friend caffeine.


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