Painting Jam 22 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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After Monte San Savino I have so many Emails, so I got to start working again.
I am still preparing all the video material for an epic review on those 3 days and an exclusive view on the show from Raffa and my point of view. Still I am full with so much love about people and miniatures that it feels I am still back there in Monte. Ok, time management calls me and I will hit the Painting Jam now. Hope you enjoy and hopefully my answers will help:

James asks:

"I have noticed you use Hirst Arts (plaster cast items) type items on alot of your works, here in the UK we can buy Hirst Art molds. They are very expensive and from my research the type of shapes and pieces pure painters would use on display models would require multiple molds, this would cost near £100. I was wondering if you knew of anyone out there in the painting circles that offers such a service as selling a box of cast pieces that i've noticed you use ?

Any help or directions you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


My answer:
Mmh, I don't know a place where you can choose the parts you like and I also know that the molds aren't very cheap. My suggestion would be that you try to ask some friends to maybe make a little project day from it. A small number of people buying the molds only once will surely help to stay cheaper and I believe a day filled with the production of stones and stuff with friends could be a wonderful  like a lot of fun.


Neal asks

"Just wanted to write and tell you how much I loved the high elf prince/griffon on cmon!   What a stunning piece!! 

Can I ask -  how did you make the autumn leaves?  Did you make them, or buy them? Or what?"

My answer:
Many thanks for the compliments, glad you like that piece. About the leaves I feel there isn't a very satisfying answer as they were given to me as a present from a spanish friend without information of a company. So really I have no idea where to get them from - Raffa's and my suggestion was that they might be clocked in normal everyday autumn leaves, like you produce Christmas biscuits. Hope you get what I mean?

For more talk about leaves check this link!

That's it - short and precious Painting Jam.
I am again working on the first video.

Best Wishes an keep on happy painting!


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