Reef Calendar for free!

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Jungle friends!

There was a Reef Calendar 2012 for you to win. 
Your quest was to describe why exactly you want this calendar in the comments - we had around 20 answers and I had a pretty hard time to decide which one to pick. I still haven't decided yet I have to admit ... my personal 2 favourites are:


"This will be the best Christmas present for my dad! This is the reason!"

My thought behind that decision:
Because Family is important and a friendship between father and son should always be cherised.


"Why I should be getting this calendar? Simply because I'd love to admire almost naked chicks wandering on the sunny beaches and hanging around some crazy waterfalls in exotic countries while I'm studying,working and occasionaly painting in freakin' -25oC in Eastern Europe;) Oh I got to go and curl up my heater... "

My thought behind that decision:
Damn, that is really, really cold! This calendar might keep it warm in the soul!


Before I make my final decision now I have to watch that video again :)

Both of you will get one! Please contact me via email at jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com, please subject your mail with Reef so I will know you are the lucky guys and sent me your postal informations :)

Thanks for taking part to all of you!
And please don't get me wrong about the decisions - it is straight from the heart and I have tried to explain myself, no offence at all :)

Best Wishes


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