Sunday Posting

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

some weeks have passed since my last posting... I´m very busy with looking for a job and at the same time doing some stuff for my dissertation (about Hamas)... we will see what will help me more to earn money ;)

So my room looks like this all the time: books, laptop and coffee...

But to free my mind of all this violence I´m reading about, I finally cleaned up my workspace... it´s a pleasure to paint now and there are some things developing.. but now I unfortunatly can show you only a single miniature I´m working on. It´s a present for my uncle for Christmas... there is still a lot to do and I will be happy if I can finish it on time... but at the moment I´m painting something as a gift for a very impotant friend and so the saracen has to wait ;) you will see it soon!



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