Monte San Savino Show 2011 - report - day 2

by Roman aka jar

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Finally I have managed to finish the cutting work for the second video of Monte San Savino Show - part 2.

It is mainly from the sight of Raffa and me but I want to thank the Cursed Monkeys, Igazzu, Alice Zuccero, Louis D'Orio, Andrea Buratta and Roberto Chaudon for additional photos. In the last report there will be a big thank you to all those people that helped me making these videos what they are.

This one covers the Saturday - some really jaw dropping miniatures around 1400 in the end and celebrates the people behind the miniatures. Again I have to say sorry that I might not get all of the miniatures or everyone in the video. No offence at all, but you all know how crowded it was on Saturday. Again there is a little sequence of Alfonso Giraldes talking about Soul :) - I will have the complete interview online in some weeks, you may also find the better view on in the future.

The Music is again by, many thanks for the license. I have used 3 songs in the video:

1. Study War
2. A Freak
3. Mistake

Also I want to say sorry that the music switches are not the best from the cutting work - I am not a professional, just do it from the heart. AND in the end of the video I am trying to tell something in but I have to admit that I was a little drunk :D - Enjoy in HD:

You can find the video report about day 1 here if you have missed it.

My complete review will still take some time as there is a plan to do some more videos and finally write and sum everything up - it takes time and I feel mine is getting less after my painting class drops in soon next weekend.



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