Joy of Basing III + Plastic Knight INFO!!!!

by Roman aka jar

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This will be such a mad project after I have to finish it until Novembre 30th and I will be away for the weekend - ai ai ai!! Maybe this won't work but it's hope that keeps such short mad time projects running!

Additional a little Information about the Plastic Knight Challenge - IMPORTANT!

After I will be away for the weekend you all get some more time - I know this might sound stupid, but I am just honest, the jungle is busy and sometimes dates like the Plastic Knight Challenge and a Painting Class collide. I am sorry for this circumstance and don't want to offend anyone of you interested in participating. I am also just human :)

So, Monday the 28th will be the day for final drop ins of your entries. You can find this information also in the Rules. Thanks for all the entries recieved so far. I am corious about to see what fun others had with their plastic knights ...

For Motivation I can just show you the prize boxes - soon they will be closed and ready to ship. You can find all the prize information included in the Rules, check those as the describtion of the prizes is way more detailed there. By the way - the third place will recieve a Reef Calender 2012 :)

I am off - 
packing workshop material and doing final preparations ...

 ... and still have a little surprise 
for this day in the jungle ;)


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