Tau Firewarriors

by Roman aka jar

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I painted this little Tau Firewarrior Squad for a german painting contest, some fun, an article, some change in the amunt of the models on the workbench - included with the basic use of the Airbrush, I tried to explain what I did here.

I really wanted to do a quick gaming squad again - efficent gaming painting with the knowledge my experience has collected so far. It was really healthy to paint them in a row when you are used to single models most of the time. I am happy that I have used those cool Secret Weapon bases for this squad, they somehow catched a wonderful mood and I am really happy on how they turned out in the end. I hope you will like them, even they are not superultraamazing.

Tau Firewarrior Squad
Games Workshop, 28 mm

 I won't let you go with some music that seems to be the song of the day for me:

Keep on happy painting all around the globe!


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