Tutorial - Building up a graveyard display base

by Roman aka jar

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This little article will bring you in the progress of the last bigger base I did build. It's a comission i do for a private collector and will show a scene of 3 Red Box Games Goblin tomb raiders who try to get the book of mysterious necromancy from a buried necromancer, but he seems well protectet :D - so far from the story at the moment.

Inspiration was found in Hannover at a Painting Class. There was a really beautiful looking graveyard next to the place we had been, which you can see in the photo above and the following. I was lucky to find some really cool gravestones at battlefield-berlin, which would fit perfectly in the scene.

Base build up
I did start to build the base on a socket by sockelmacher.de. In fact I combined 2 different socket to one by using PVC glue. For the next step i used some architec boards, cut them in pieces and build up the basic for the base by glueing them with super glue. Some impressions:

Next was bringing up some volume to this basic work. Usually I am used to work with Milliput for basing, this time I went back in time and remembered that I used to work with an Acrylic modelling paste by Guardi called  "B". B means it is with little sand in it to fast get structure. A is without them.

I am not sure if you can get this everywhere as it is a product by Boesner.
and i am not sure if Boesner is all around the globe. Now comes the funny part - just like getting your toast ready in the morning with some marmelade - just hit it - I used a wooden stick for it. I really like this paste for bigger areas as it goes much faster applied than Milliput.

It takes around one day to fully dry, depending on how much you put on it. I recommand not too much but it can be fingerthick and it's dry on the next day. I now prepared my build up and put in all the stuff i wanted in place, like the gravestones, skulls by Secret Weapon, a fences from Busch, brick parts from Busch, wooden root parts, etc.

It is not important to have everything perfect at the moment as I plan to work over it with common earth later on. Just put it where you want it.

The last part of the basing was using some common earth - no, not just some, really much :D

Now the base is ready for priming.
Hope you liked this little report.
If there are any questions feel free to ask.

Keep on happy basing!
Best Wishes


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