Let the circles call you home ...

by Roman aka jar

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Only this night left to bring on your entry for the ULTIMATE PLASTIC KNIGHT CHALLENGE!!!!

I got to say sorry to some of you who felt offended by the extended final date for your brave knights. It was not because the lack of entries - it was just because of the fact that because of organisation tsunamis I did forget that I won't be there on the weekend as there was a painting class. So, that was the reason, sorry to those who felt offended by it.


Thanks to Alex for his wonderful music proposal:


Some first impressions from last weekends painting class in Schoeppenstett, near Braunschweig, Germany. Big thanks to Mike and everyone who came there!!! We really had a cool weekend and there will be some more words and photos sooner or later in the jungle ...

Impression of the class - thanks to Raffa for some of the first photos :)
Results of a weekend with a lot of theory and not much time for basing and painting :D
It really was our pleasure, gentleman :)

The big review will follow as soon as the gods sent some more time for me to use :D

Update of the Artist's Workshop - wednesday night is the goal to finish it, that is why I will be lazy with emails til then and have to stop blogging now - ai ai ai ... PAINTING TIME!!!!

Let's get it on with some Happy Painting Brush Rock'n'Roll ...
 Happy Painting to you all!
Best Wishes


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