Workshop Review - Schoeppenstett, Germany

by Roman aka jar

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Yesterday I had been told on facebook that someone really liked the final results of this class.

He also told me that it is always nice to see results of a class and to see what the participants do during one weekend of colour. He often used the word "result" and I do not have a problem with that but I want to make clear that it wasn't us who painted these figures - the painting itself and the way every participant deals with the provided information makes it completly his own path of passion and they went on it without fear, without a doubt, with power and strength even in their darkest hours ... and they will not leave their own path of joyful painting I assume ... just look in those eyes and faces ... Happy Painting!

Gratitude to Raffa and Chris for the photos ...
Gratitude to Wulfenklaue who wrote a big diary about the class on GW-Fanworld (german language)
Gratitude to who gave us wooden sockets to work with!

As the class "teacher" I can only say I am very thankful to all of you for being there and for this epic weekend - I know that Raffa thinks the same ... we do too often :D

I know a little overdressed, but music is important to get the right feeling of painting :)

Sometimes words are not the best decision to start a review of passed painting class.

First, I want to thank Mike and Peter for being a great organisation team, the youth center in Schoeppenstett for a great place to be and their hostality. Big Gorilla hug to Raffa for being the friend he is. Many thanks to everyone of the participants for making this weekend what it was ...

It was our pleasure to get to meet all of you guys :)
I was also very happy to see known faces again :)

Now I will let some photos recall the weekend before I will start to write some blabla again :) - It was my pleasure to have you all at my beginner's painting class. Some beginning steps into my way of thinking, my way of feeling, my way of painting from the heart - I was very happy to see everyone of you doing it, BUT from now on, think your own way, feel your own way, paint your own way, paint with your heart and everything will be fine believe me :) - too much blabla, photos ...


Sometimes I feel that photos tell much more than words and I have talked so much on the class that I am sure you know how I mean it and what I mean ...

Many thanks for a great weekend!

Here is a little selection of finished class figures I have found in the internet, thanks for posting them up:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes
Roman and Raffa


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