The Arkvenger

by Roman aka jar

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Many thanks to Farbrizio for me giving me some final photos of Pegaso's Arkvenger that I have painted earlier this year. It was done for a private collector (my loved RwW, btw it was my pleasure to meet you in person finally) and I gave the figure to Fabrizio on this years Duke of Bavaria in a pretty hectic - so there wasn't time for photos. Grazie Mille, Fabrizio!!

I am still planning to finally write up some kind of Step by Step of the path I went during the idea process, working and painting on this model. It might take some time but Winter is coming and so Christmas is near :) - Hope you likemy interpretation of this sculpt!

The Arkvenger
Pegaso Models, sculpted by Roberto Chaudon 
1:32 mm

Now I am back on track but always with music.
KRS-One always was one of my favourite MCs ever and he realesed a new track lately. 
I would say already the first words say it all:

"You know, you don't see with your eyes, you see with your brain, and the more words your brain has the more things you can see!!" 

Just like that!


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