Krysalis's Jericho finished...

by Roman aka jar

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There is something to tell you before i start to show you what i did with Jericho, i have to tell you where Jericho comes from :)

He is one of the pretty cool sculpts by the team behind Krysalis Boardgame, beside 4 other cool 28 mm models. The board game is settled in a futuristic setting with Monsters that are mixed up from Zombies, Insectoids and Humans and brave Survivors. Jericho was a really nice miniature to paint - i hope you like him and if you do check out Krysalis Boardgame. Many thanks to the team of Krysalis for their little gift to the jungle - this is what i can give back, really had my fun painting him up, even i wasn't able to invest the amount of time i take for bigger projects...

28 mm, Krysalis Board Game

I hope you like Jericho! Some words about what i have done:
The base was done with plastic card on a wooden socket with additional plastic parts out of train modelling (the rusty part). The bucket was handmade - i thought to remember an article about it on the blog but failed to find it, damn - Hah!! I fount it here! It wasn't linked up to the article section yet, but i did this now. The effect at the bucket was done with the latest introduced crackle paint. If you want to see this miniature over in the big voting arena, click here!

Keep on happy painting!
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