Workshop Review - Munich 3

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa brushlickers,

another Beginner's Painting Class past by last weekend.
First i have to say 'ough' - really 2 classes soon after eachother is kind of a neck breaker, i am still slow like a stone. Whatever, this has been a really funny weekend again, let me tell you about he great adventure we had...

Again in the same location, Jozo and Markus showed why they are great in doing the organisation of the class (many thanks to the Corps Bavaria fraternity again for such an amazing location). It was such a joy to have you both beside me for asking stuff and i again owe you gratitude for your helping hands all the time ( I remember Jozo refilling up my painting water every 30 seconds during a practical explanation, haha). Another big thanks goes to my monkeybrother Raffa for being who he is, many thanks bro'! Last but not least many thanks to this group of participants who took part in the class. I hope you all had your fun and there was but something you could have learned and let it flow into your painting style. Muchas Gracias to our guests who really made this class special because of their presence... I now let some photos speak for the athmosphere we had this weekend (many thanks to A., M. and Raffa for taking so many photos)...


Somehow we only managed to take a photo on Sunday morning during all the models have been not finished. All Work in Progress as Sunday brings the most change from the first colour sketches on Saturday to fine detail work on Sunday. Sadly there are only those photos of the models, don't forget they are all Work in Progress at this state... and yes i am already proud of the participants.

Some more impressions of these fabolous days...

So far... i hope you have enjoyed these shots. Again many thanks to everyone involved. At this point it is up to me: Sorry that this review isn't with that much text - i am still exhausted, but i guess the photos speak the true language. This one speaks of no energies left, haha:

Nah, this time i do not nearly miss the group photo of us all...

It was my pleasure to have you as my guest during this trip of colours and inspiration... many thanks to everyone involved!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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