Painting Jam 17 - Hive Tyrant

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

This is a pretty short Painting Jam but it comes from the heart and nothing else matters :)

Pershore asks...

Hi there,

Sorry for the intrusion, I am sure you must get a lot of these kinds of questions, but I recently picked up a hive tyrant to paint and was browsing the galleries for inspiration. I was totally blown away by your tyrant here: here and here. I would be really grateful for any pointers you might be able to give me about how you achieved that gigeresque paint scheme. It is fantastic!

Thanks in advance,

My answer
I hope this could help you - check Buglands for further information to this model! Let me know if this is ok or if i have to travel back in time in my head to remember more.


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