Win a Miniature - Celebrating the 600!

by Raffa

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Heyoooooooo dear jungle readers!

Woooohooooo!!! 600 followers!!! I think my capuchin glasses broke .... no it's true! Thank you all very much for your time reading the never ending flow of blog posts and a big special THANKS to those who give something back to us, sometimes the mails we read are soooo inspirational and motivating! Thanks!

The blog grows faster and faster... it feels like yesterday we reached the 500 and it overwhelms us everytime we celebrate :)

And now for the best part of eeeeevery jungle celebration.... Miniature winning tiiiime!

This time the miniature is a lady in black (and white) painted by our monkey brother Oli aka HonourGuard!

Here's a photo of the mini:

As a regular reader you already know what to do!

You have to be a follower/subscriber of our jungleblog (check out on the right)
You have to be a fan of Massive Voodoo on Facebook: CLICK HERE

Write a mail to 'PICSTER(at)MASSIVEVOODOO(dot)COM' with the Subject 'MASSIVE GIFT' (important for me so i can sort out! Emails without this subject will be deleted) and your Username (on Facebook or as a Follower, so we can check it)

On 25th March 2011 i will randomly ( ) choose out one of the mails and this person will get the mini!

You don't have to pay shipping or anything, it's a completely free gift as a thanks!

Try your luck!
The Massive Voodoo Crew


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