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...that means "We fight for victory!" or kind of. I never had latin and i hope this is at least right.

This 1:9 bust by young was painted a while ago for my friend Peter as a gift. As i saw it after several months i've decided to spent some more hours on it. It came to the end that around 15~20 hours more have been spent for the rework in detail and light. If you are intresed in the bust before  i have done this rework check this photo.

Young Miniatures, 1:9

Here you can see a big photo how it came from the camera - it was a bit too yellowish or what do i know about taking photos. Whatever it is big and you can click it... wohow!

It really was a hard task for me and sometimes you have to fight your own to gain Victory. So i did and this is really a gift from the heart now, to Peter a good friend who really fought his wars and seems to be free now. I really appreciate your friendship my dear :)

Hope you like this reworked bust. Sorry for showing reworked models, but hey i did put at least the same amount of time in it additional to the first go at it. Some music i was listening too to set him free:

There will be a big report in the jungle on what i did and why i did it and what i thought and what happened and stuff. Don't you pass this one as i guess it will be something intresting - I really learned a lot during this rework while pimping up this Gladiator. As Gladiators are most time seen in the arena here goes the link to the big voting arena if you want to click even more!

Here is a little preview on before and after pimping:

Hope you like him!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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