How wonderful...

by Roman aka jar

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... i again feel free like a bird.
Ok, a big and heavy bird but just imagine those wings :)

Sunny days in our hometown as you have already seen posted by my half italian Paparazzi Stallion. The last couple of days i had a real good friend from my youth visiting me from Berlin. Sunny days in a wonderful neighbourhood made this perfect and the moments heavenly :)

I am on track again - resurrecting my workflow and pumping my finger muscles with basing and holding a brush during the sunny days ahead. Oh know, Thursaday comes closer and our travel to France to the AFM Montrogue Show is just minutes away - at least that's how it feels - i am really getting nervous as i am very shy in public places and still got to do that damn Pirate flag to have it done til our journey or i have to work on it in the car, but that is the final solution plan... some Work in Progress impressions:

My deepest respect and biggest thanks goes out to the company Spherewars for creating a wonderful miniature that i fell in love with from the first second on. More about this sculpt soon- introducing "Hombre Toro" - now let the games begin...


The red Matrona did recieve a little bit more attention as did the 90 mm Gladiator...

Live and direct - workflow activated again, this time with wings of freedom attached to my big gorilla back :)
Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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