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This time i might have done something right with the 2K water - it is already completly dried out from yesterday's working. Pretty fine and good looking - i am waiting some more hours before i remove the tape and work with other material to get higher waves. I think it was a good idea throwing fine roots into my 2k Water... no it looks like dirty water - it's the simple things that make me happy... and it is hard finally- the photo shows you the the rest of water which dried out in that plastic bowl. I did place it in a aslope angle overnight and those 2 wooden sticks are really hardly enclosed into it:

Somehow the poster on the back really gave me inpiration to this task of water colour and stuff - that is the reason why i am always showing you my calendar- if you like this calendar you might also like this as i love this advertisment. This advertisment made me buy a calendar for myself :)


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