Charlie's Angels and All Hail to the Cook!!

by Roman aka jar

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This little scene is painted for the Frothers Unite Charity Action by Jon Atter. This exclusive scene - with rare sculpts by 3 masters - is arranged and painted by me  and will be raffled at this years Salute in London - you can take part in that raffle to support cancer research and MS research. Here is a quote of Jon on how you can take part in that raffle...

"The Frothers’ Charity Angels Raffle

The Prizes:

Some very special resin versions of the Charity Angels figures sculpted by Kev White, Andrew Rae and Seb Archer, the Base by Ian Brumby and cast by Grey Matter Figures are being painted up by some very special artists. 

This set (by Jarhead) along with the 5 others are going to be raffled with all procedes going direct to the MS Society.

The Tickets:

‘Tickets’ cost £10 each or 4 for £30.
You get them via donations to this Just Giving Page:

Don’t forget to put your name (and Massive Voodoo) in the comments box so you can be easily contacted if you win!

The Draw:

The Draw will take place during day at the Frothers’ table at Salute. Every name will be place into a bag and an independent bystander will be kidnapped, erm asked politely, to draw the names out. Results will be posted online on Sunday 17th April and winners contacted.

The Rules:

To get a ‘ticket/s’ you must be listed on the Just Living page. 

Winners can only win ONE prize; if you name comes out again, later in the draw, hard luck, don’t be greedy! 

Selling on… obviously the sets have a considerable value. If you’re lucky enough to win and want to put your prize up on eBay I can’t stop you. But please respect the artists, sculptors, caster and the cause – making a large donation to your charity of choice from your profits would be appropriate."

Hope that explains everything!



This was a great fun project. Sculpted by Andrew Rae (Statuesque), Sebastian Archer (Guild of Harmony) and Kevin James White (Hasslefree). These sculpts are done from the original 1970's Charlie's Angels. My plan was to rework the base so that you can see that this one comes from my side and is made from Gorilla fingers. I was lucky to still had the Ape statue by Alkemy around here and the idea was gladly accepted. Hope you like them! They will be for Sale at Salute!

70's Charlies Angels
28 mm, Andrew Rae (Statuesque)
Sebastian Archer (Guild of Harmony)  
Kevin James White (Hasslefree).

If you like you can visit the 3 ladies  on the big voting arena and drop a click or a comment if you like! Here is a little photo test Raffa did yesterday with the ladies - somehow strange colours really can boom athmosphere:

Another piece i did finish yesterday during the day and our little painter's meeting together with Peter again is called "All hail to the cook!".This one is a little present to a cook. The cook who keeps the participants and myself during the next painting class alive. This one is a the so called deluxe painting class where the class will be hold in a holiday house, with all the participants sleeping there and a cook who makes meals for us without getting seriously paid for it. Many thanks and all hail to the cook!!!

All hail to the cook!!
28 mm, Games Workshop

For those interested in the sploshy beer thing - i will keep you updated in the 2K water article about that little trip as this was some testing for it. This article seems to become a book and the pirate needs to wait for the strong winds again after i am already preparing my next painting class ahead. If you like "All hail to the cook!!" you can also visit him in the big voting arena to click whatever your minds tells you...

Here are some photos of our yesterdays painting session - randomly sorted, out of the box without words. It was my pleasure and wishes to the lady and the gentlemans involved (Raffa, Peter, Anki, Robert) - after i failed to take photos of Peter's work last time i now took all my time to take tons of shots in Peter's direction...

 - hope you enjoy!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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