Morning Music

by Roman aka jar

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This morning music comes with a big thanks to Mr. Johnston from Toronto.
Many thanks for your nice Email and this cool music suggestion. Never heard of him, but i do also love his beats and Toronto seems a great city - i have been there once with a school exchange, mainly in Ohio but once we have visited the Niagra Falls for several days...

If you are intrested in more of KO's music - follow here!

This one is me somewhere around 1998 in front of the Niagra Falls, i've been there, done that, but seem to was clearly to young these days, only girls and party in mind (i am the guy with the bandana in the middle^^) - today i would crawl around for Niagra stones to use them on a base :)

 As we are talking about water i can show you what my powerful gorilla arms managed yesterday -where there is a sea there are pirates, but true pirates stay as they are even the gods removed every drop of water under their boat...

I will for sure keep track of my accident in the upcoming article and also the way i handle and repaired it. But patience, you know- so again sanding the socket, preparing bigger waves and concentrating while doing 2K water again...

... thanks for the music and your words that inspired this posting, Jim :)


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