Paint for Japan!

by Roman aka jar

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Hello Miniature friends,

you all know well the tragedy that hit Japan lately.
I am not really able to lose much words about it and somehow it feels there is nothing i can do at all.
Some Hobby friends and I decided to get active and paint for the cause to simple try to help.
In the next upcoming weeks there will be some miniatures out for sale and bidding at ebay with 100% of the amount donated to a good reason to help Japan.

I will let you know about new auctions, keep you updated by introducing them via postings to the jungle blog and linking them up to the blogs main page for the time the auction is active. Everyone will choose his place for his donation on its own and will shall let you know about it in the ebay auction. The auctions you will find linked up here are not all inserted by me, they are done by the persons willing to help, everyone will do the handling on his own too. Massive Voodoo just links them up to get the attention well deserved.

Now it is up to you! 
You can also add your miniature to this cause or an old miniature you want to give away. Just hit ebay with your chosen model, add your information into your ebay text and be honest to donate the money after the auction to help Japan. 

If you want to help, just sent me an email with the title "Ebay Japan - *your name*" at 
jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com to make me link it up to Massive Voodoo for the time the auction is active to make sure you'll get the attention your help deserves. It is so simple. 

I have no idea how long this idea will run here in the jungle and how fast i can manage it all if there are many people all over the globe who want to support this cause with their painting - i just will keep you updated and can't promise anything at all. Also I want to make sure that if you join us make clear in your mind that it doesn't matter how good or bad your miniature is painted - just help to give hope and even it is only just a little Teddybear for a little girl over there. 

You can also directly donate via ebay with the Donation offer called "Hands for Tokyo" but you got to have a Credit Card for this option, that is why that didn't work with my auction - i never had one.

May you all keep on happy painting and read YOU soon!
Best Regards


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