Gladiator Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Gladiator Kong Fu is the new art of fighting technique - it is totally relaxed and ... nope, let me start this Kong Ffu  easier to understand...

I love miniature painting. It is my passion, my love, my pain, my heart. Even there are ups and downs, suffer and anger, joy and fun - it is everything you need to learn from. Somehow these days i feel like i have learnt something. Such things don't happen when you want them to happen, they come as they have to come and you can't influance that. You know those moments when in your head or in your doing it just makes click like "wtf am i doing there - wohow!". I feel this joy of painting like an atomic bomb at the moment. I personally gained a level for myself, i am still learning and trying new things, making tests, fail and suceed and learn... this is so great! Once i've heard a true Kong Fu master say "I will stop this love for miniature painting if there comes the day where there is nothing new to learn!"... Hell yeah that grandmaster still paints, because that day never comes. Once it is love you always feel the love. So I've gained a level somehow - talks around the topic, an eagle eye in watching nature and finiding inspiration everywhere, feedback i've shared with others, reading stuff, this blog, the sharing involved, doing painting classes and helping people find their way to Happy Painting surely has weight on that upgrade of mine, too. It always grows, the path is never at end, there will always be those days where you could cry, but there are always those days where you shot out of the ashy forest mountains to rise as a phoenix... that's when it does this silent click in you... it's there and it will get you, whatever you try to avoid or whatever reason you mention that this fact is not, it will get you... it's the evolution of life. Now this is Kong Fu Channel out! :)

As the water at the pirate still dries, a little jungle bird took seat and the tiny ape's hat including a feather is sculpted and painted i got to the point where i just have to wait to return to the project after the water is dry. As i am just loving what i do i've decided to prepare another article. I did paint a Gladiator's bust a while ago for my good friend Peter as a gift and after i saw it in my own hands again i've decided to spent some more hours on him, even the model was done about a year ago. I am preparing this article with the thoughts of mine why i did something else or pimp there or here and what i have done with tons of photos for you to keep track. I hope you like this idea as i am also doing it besides all my other projects with the USMC bust i did for Raffa. Here is a little preview of the pimp progress so far - i'll soon let you know more during the workflow.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

PS: And don't you forget about the 600-Celebrations!


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