Bases for Sale

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


I did build up some bases lately to be sold in the the for Sale area on the right navigation bar. They both are done for 28 mm and already sanded and primed, ready for you to paint and bring a miniature on it. If you like what we do here on MV and want to support the fingers behind the keyboard you can also get something back for your support, that is why the area got new banners lately, check them on the right if you want... uh uh, i was talking about bases:

First a casual sci fi base, fixed on a 40x40 wooden socket:

Second a mainly medieval, piraty or fantasy base with 2 mice staring at a sack of rice included, fixed on a 40x40 wooden socket:

You can click both to enlarge and have a better view. You now can find them up for Sale.
Get all information needed for buying one of those here.


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