Joy of Basing III

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Again it is basing time - a comissioned Fantasy Base on a 50x50cm Socket by - i used mainly all techniques explained in the Tutorial basing section - a little more detail will follow soon as Raffa and i are planning and working on a big advanced basing article :)

I hope the comissioner is happy with the result. The statue in the lower front is an old Avatars of War Barbarian, which i did get from a friend. He was already missing his sword and was primed hardcore so i did choose to use him as a statue. The knight statue is an old Statue by Rackham. There are also 2 squirrels hidden on that base and an evil frog eating brains out of orcish skull (small animals by Busch)... hope you like it!


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