Joy of Painting III

by Roman aka jar

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What a lucky day!
Today i thought about ripping off the 2k water from the pirate's base as it dries far too slow than usual. Big Monkey brain Raffa told me that this might come from the amount of Tamyia Clear blue i have mixed in, this might slow this process i am waiting for. He told me this while i was already truely thinking about giving it another go. So patience is the bamboo forests king i guess, gorilla hands and powers at ease but ready to tear it apart, muhaha! Many thanks for the rescue big boy Raffa.

Progress on the pirate have to wait until this secret is revealed. So does the article about it. As this really becomes an intresting article i guess with tons of photos i have asked two Miniature Magazines, the "Gameforces" and the german "Tabletop-Insider" if they might be intrested in publishing this article. We are still chatting but you might have to wait til you can read this article in the jungle later on. Sorry, this is not about hurting the jungle - i can't explain with words what i want to write here.

Joy of Painting is still big in the jungle even there are game and movie trailers disturbing the viewers eye. The article with "How i pimp my Gladiator bust!" is taking me long too, but i guess it is worth the read, when it comes to pimping and skin colours. Also i did paint the base of the Charlie's Angels yesterday. Raffa is deeply concentrated and Peter is busy working on a Red Box Barbarian, which i epicly failed to photograph (sorry!)  - Here are some impressions from the last days...

Greetings and may you all keep on happy painting!

PS: And always remember to ...


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