Cleaning up my inspirational weirdness...

by Roman aka jar

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I am always browsing the internet to randomly find inspiration, i still got a lot of stuff i want to share - here you go with the full load of my acutal list i want to show - no mercy :)

Mr Hendrix at his best!
Lykke Li - Tonight
A true madman sculpting on pencils!
Crysis 2 - Gametrailer - "... this suit gives me options!", love it!
Artyandy on deviantart

Don't you forget about the MAD MAX CAR Competition -
this Trailer of Rage could be a good inspiration!

Sculptures by Pierre Matter
Thomas Allen Art show
Steampunk Sculptures
Well posed toy photos

You now find Super Punch and Aragorn Marks miniature sculpture blog added to the blogroll ;)

The new homepage of Julien Casses is also to be found in the list, check this wonderful site for great miniatures and tutorials.

Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood Trailer
CG Textures
Photo gallery of the AMSS 2011 - Miniature show
The Elder Scrolls - Epic Game Trailer

Inspiration over and out!


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