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Palak is busy at the moment, but she allowed me to quote her words in here...

"Do you know what inspires you the most?

If you don't know what you truly like, what you truly dislike, what inspires you totally, what triggers you, may be you could use some detox.
Detox of people, city, energies, society, friends, maybe some time in solitude, some time you embracing you, some time you pampering yourself completely and totally so that you forgive yourself for the shitty stuff you had to do, so that you nourish your inner child and refuse to compromise on life in any possible way. Get back to yourself. You can be wayyyy to influenced by the grid set up in and around you and the only time you get you use to dance away and party because you feel you deserve it after a long hard week of work.
Know what! Your inner child deserves it too. More than you know, spend time alone and i dont mean by watching tv or on the comp.. i mean just being.. going for a walk..being comfortable in your own silence for hours, talking to yourself as if talking to your best friend, building a deep connection with the self, know yourself more and you'll know your true self. When you build a connection with your true self you'll know your true likes, dislikes and you'll live from the heart at all times.

The more you do it/live it/feel it, the more you'll understand this. Reading this Does Not Help. Feeling it is the only way to get it and to find your true likes, your life purpose perhaps. Also, each one gets a different message from this. The depth of the message varies according to everyone's connectivity to the self. The more truly connected you are, the more depth, love, compassion and life you shall feel. It's a journey. Start it if you haven't. It's worth everything.


Nothing more to say from my side. For those who don't know Palak, who is also a member of the ape gang of MV, here you can find her own blog - white circles.


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