Strange Days by Fred Ink

by Mati

posted by Mati/Badsmile/Orang Utan

Hello dear jungle friends ! Tonight I want to promote a book I just finished reading and really liked.
It is called "strange days" and was written by a minipainter buddy known as Redfink.

There is a little something behind you should know first though. The book( german language ) is up for everybody to read at EPIDU and you can find it by clicking here. If you enjoy it and want to support the book being printed in the future, then you just have to register ( takes 2 minutes only ) and scout it. I really really enjoyed reading it and certainly recommend it to all the jungle friends.

Strange days is a wild and refreshing mixture of genres that understands to capture the reader with a big portion of suspense, horror, humor, violence, drugs, sex and a parrallel world. Nice characters who develop during the story, gaining new abilities and friends to fulfill their destiny, will instantly capture the heart of the reader. As you read you will take part in the story from different perspectives that all together form a big mosaic picture, that becomes clearer and clearer. An imminent danger is to be stopped and the world(s) have to be saved by a hero with a broken heart and his trusted pot smoking friend. On their adventure they meet new friends that will help them in the mighty task they have to fulfill.

If you like Lovecraft, you certainly will enjoy, even love this book, please don't forget to scout for it as it really deserves all support it can get.

Enjoy it, Mati

Jungle recommendation: Let your loved one read it to you while you paint, like that you can enjoy it together and it creates a lot of very different and powerful atmospheres you might want to use for inspirational purposes.


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