Ho Ho Ho! Pirates like to rrrrooooowwwwwlllll!!

by Roman aka jar

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Boom! Boom!
'Whoz there?'
Kong Fu again!

This little introduction won't bring much more sense to this posting at all - this will for sure stay senseless but anyhow - i am packing my stuff for the upcoming Painting Class and i am not saying this very often but these days i am truely proud when i see my own miniatures packed so closely together. Not because i think they are something special. Just being proud because i know i did a lot of work from the heart on some great sculpts, with my own hands.

Keep on happy painting to you all, build some castles in the sky, get yourself to rest with a wet brush in hand  and read you after the class with some serious mad crazy amazing news around Robert's Captain Maulg, ho ho! Pirate season still lasts and is starting to get seriously berzerk :)

Best Regards

PS: Here goes a little sketch of a base which will be really strange but arranged with another pirate again, ho ho - my Painting Class miniature to explain and talk about on the upcomign weekend. Just a sketch and a preview of it...

Best Regards


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