Home again...

by Roman aka jar

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Welcome home in the Paradise City where the girls are green and the trees are pretty :)

A great Painting Class weekend passed by way too fast, many thanks to all you who have been involved - also mati had a Sculpting Class at this busy weekend and as far as i can read the news i did recieve so fast, they too learned tons of stuff and had their fun. There will be a report about the classes dropping in sooner or later in the next couple of days.

Today the sun is shining proudly and i will take my time to rest and unpack my material i was carrying with me to the class. Nothing more - today i am not intrested in colours, at least for the moment :)

Always remember there is a natural mystic flow into the air, if you listen carefully then you will care or something like that - those participants of the fresh young passed painting class might know what i mean :)

Read you soon!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

Edit: Some first impressions from Kong's point of view - somewhere out of the middle of the weekend:


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