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by Roman aka jar

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Good morning sunny place!

Colour knows no boundaries, colour is an international force and international language from Sweden to the Himalaya peaks! Don't be afraid of colours, accept them, see them, feel them, understand them, love them, use your love to work with them.

This text is kind of stolen and rewritten from Alborosie, who sings the truth:

Really my new workplace is kind of hard in the morning hours. I love the sun and when she is visible here she really strikes inside my "morning-window" with full powers. I can't see anything. Oh yeah, even having a hard time searching for the right keys to hit. Wpndertul san :)

Some Kong Fu from my side about the jungle - 600 Subscribers reached this morning! Wohoooowww! There is jungle party ahead with a miniature for you to win painted by Oli aka Honourguard. The preparation are still active and i have to say sorry for a bit of delay as i got to work with a sunburn, here at this window. I ask of a bit more patience as the information is already carried through the depths of the jungle, on winding jungle paths by a small ape trainee. As soon as he arrives in the main bamboo castle you will recieve the info why we say thanks to you and on how you can win a model painted by the ape gang.

Some inspirational links for your inspiration powers:

Roquelaine Cyril's Sculpting Video Channel on Youtube
His Homepage

Markus showed me this via email:
A Sculpting Tutorial on how to sculpt Wolverine at Anatomystore

For those who still remember big king of colours, Jérémie Bonamont might be intrested in this information. They are still well and having a great time as i can say from the photos of their big bike journey. Claire and Jérémie are doing a bike tour from France over the continent of Africa, back to France. Yes they are kind of crazy but i really envy them both. They are keeping track with reports in french language on their homepage and also add tons of photos. Really i envy them for such eyesights. Check out the reports and wish them the best for their journey. For example here are some photos of inspiration, i guess you get what i mean:


Take your time and visit their site - they are kind of crazy and i still envy them for their bravery and the stories of colours their eyes are able to see in real life.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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