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Loving to pass time playing table board games, my son and me regularely face each other as opponents to roll some dices.
Lately we challenge each other in "risk" - the lord of the rings edition.
Many many plastic figures crying for color - no chance painting them, but repeatingly thinking about it. I just replaced the plastic-flags that symbolize the party-leaders with GW-LOTR-figures and tried to paint them a little faster than usual by using this technique. ;-)

4 Orcs


This is what the gaming-table looks like with the new heroes:

... and a face telling me, who's the winner

... just blablub - the main thing is, I just reopend my building site Captain Maulg after a long-time break - I'm not sure, what definitly caused this pause. Other building sites? Lack of motivation? Something. Months are gone, but mood and motivation is back to finally get this finished.

Maulg re-assembled, waiting for a new outfit:

The round thingy on the right picture is ment to become a broken rapier, but I'm not yet sure about that idea.

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