Workshop Review Munich II

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa miniature friends!

This has been my second class in Munich and after the third is straight ahead up to the next weekend i feel so much energy floating my venes that here already comes the review to the last weekend. What can I say? We really had our fun and it was all about colours and painting with full force.

First i want to thank M. and J. for such a great organisation. Really it was a perfect weekend, mainly because of you both. Thanks for all and i can't tell how much i am looking forward to another class straight ahead with you guys. Many thanks to all the participants who did show the bravery to take part and walk with me the journey of my painting style and philosophy. We had our class in a really cool location. Many thanks to the Munich Corps Bavaria fraternity who made their home our home during our stay. Muchas Gracias to Phillip for adding some photos of his weekend shooting to the following collection. Here is a little view into the room:

As you can see in the photos above Friday did start with a lot of theory, underlined with some words of mine but mainly the thoughts of the participants. We also prepared the models for painting and did build up a base with the material i've brought. Everyone was free to choose whatever ground work he wished for and after some introduction of mine everybody took turn to follow his vision and started his own creation.

After some basing fun the Friday run out of time very fast. On Saturday there was again some theory about colours and in the end all the theory blabla came together for one reason - the joy of painting was ahead, but before all models have been primed:

It now all focused on painting technique, material explanation, thoughts about the heard theory and how you can achieve to use it without thinking, all done in 2 small groups so that it would be easier for everyone to see and understand what i've meant. After the first joy of painting it went to the individual mentoring of the different problems that occoured during the class. At this point i want to say big thanks to my man Raffa for being there in time when i wasn't. The first steps on the path of happy painting already started as everyone had to choose his own colour scheme. Some impressions of the action.



The weekend past by faster as expected and i am thankful for all of your feedback. The Sunday's programm was really hard even i did reduce it more and more. I will replan some things for the upcoming classes like always and got to say Muchas Gracias to you all again - here are the results of the weekend's beginner painting class (Beginner means that i am showing a way into my little painting world, the first walk on the path of happy painting). To all the participants, you really made me proud of such results. Bravery when it comes to colour and a will to paint even when the hour is late and the brain kind of dead. It was my pleasure to be your guide on this walk.

Somehow there wasn't a lot of time to do a big time photo session and single shots of the models i just found one demonette in Raffa's camera - if you got some photos of yours i would gladly accept them to pimp up this review - feel invited to sent them to me via email if you like...

Thanks for the first one arrived, i was free to use the photo but i will tell you that soon on, many thanks for showing your result of my colour madness i've tried to explain... and some more:

In nearly did forget the epic group photo. Many thanks for our special guest Georc for taking the photo and making us all smile in this moment after the weekend weight was at everyone's shoulders...

May you all keep your minds sharp, your eyes open to learn from mother nature, your brushes wet and your thumbs dirty with colour! Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

PS: Always find your painting motivation - a good mood is the best basic, this song should bring you everything what is needed:


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