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by Roman aka jar

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Tonight my friend Peter will be at our new place for a little Painting Session. The first one, the induction if you want to say so. All who are reading in the jungle might know that i have been stuck in my mood and some WIPs lately but believe me when i say that our new flat completly washed it all away. For induction there is but one Project i want to finish first - tonight will be basing time for the Arkvenger, finally:

Also believe me that i found music again - as said during my time of a bad mood the last months i really was bored by music, i did not feel much when listenig to it. Suddenly with the new flat everything seems to change - my favourite song these days is by Master Kenji Kawai and is called Seven Swords, a song shown often here in the jungle but these days it is more than just a song to me - i feel it again, it catches my whole delight i have again after most of the important stuff of life is done after moving.


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