Finished Stuff and wip

by Raffa

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Heeeeey everyone!

At the moment it's pretty silent around myself....
I'm busy with a lot of stuff...  buuuut anyway i had some smaller projects finished and want to show them!

But before showing you any miniatures... check out THIS.... pure inspiration!!! A great flash movie that tells a sad story about the last of the dashkin...

So, here i go with some finished stuff.... the first is a small car... pretty small... was just for pure enjoyment of painting weathered stuff :)
The next mini is a small gift for Quentin ... i can't write up all the stuff he did for me but he's a great person :) Thanks for the great time in Brussels man!

Here is something with a little more color than usual :)
This guy is FOR SALE, if you have a nice offer, drop me a mail! 
picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com

... and last but not least a work in progress photo from a tau pilot.... it's still pretty early and the base will be completely remade but anyway:

So, hope you like some of the stuff!



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