Pocket Poetry Slam!

by Raffa

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Hey everyoneeeee!

This time for something little different ;)

Yesterday was a super cool event in our home jungle Augsburg and as a good friend asked me to take part in it because they were lacking participants i agreed and tried my best to entertain the people there :)
As it was a poetry slam but i am lacking poetrical (?) skill i tried my luck at painting a quick canvas..

Roman was so kind to take a video... but as you can see big kong certainly needs some training at the video camera, haha :D

Thanks again to "John in Chamber" for their GREAT musical support!!!!

Hope you like it! Ohhhh and:  
The Canvas is for SALE! If you like to make an offer just drop me a mail at:

The money will be given for charity by the organisation of the event :)

have a great day!


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