The ultimate Chaos or Olis' WIPs

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Hey Readers,

after a long time without posting anything here, I have to catch up everyting.

In this thread, I want to show you my actual projects and my chaos painting table :D

Lets start with the first WIP, and its really, really early WIP, I wanted to create a Display with two centaurs running on a rock pat, while seeing their village burning. They can already see their opponents and so they preparing their bows. Seems like their is too much fantasy in my head.. 2 weeks ago Raffa said me, don't think how you create it, think of the story you wanna tell. Because everything can be built up anyhow. It was a the first time I created the band between the bow. It wasn't easy, but possible, even with my big fingers and a lot of superglue :)

Also there are some Minis, which wait for their bases.. damn.. I am to slow, even with my new airbrush^^

And yea.. my workplace

The salt technique with airbrush is so nice, you can get so cool surfaces without any talent in using airbrush. And the turquoise lack is just for the armor parts. The rest will be painted up one day.

Yea and that wasn't all WIPs, but I forced myself, to finish them all now before starting new projects. But the centaur display still belongs to the old projects :)

I hope I find time to post my last finished miniatures and some competition news later, after making some monkey party :)

Best regards



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