Japanese Balance + space toilet

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Painting Crusade 2011

Two weeks ago, was the Painting Crusade 8 in Brussel and I finally managed to say you some words to that event. I really like the event because you meet many new hobby friends from France, Belgium, Germany and other Countries.. and other friends you know from painting forums or other painting competitions. Every year they manage to ask three Pro's to make the jury and show some of their miniatures there. And you can also catch them for ask some questions and let them give you some tips.. :P

On Saturday evening the organizers managed to make a party at the home of one of them. Very cool and for sure not everybody would let 30 crazy painters in his home :D (Best regards to you at this point)

On Sunday the jury comes to work, it must have been hard, I think there was some really good entries.

Overall it was very funny and I met many friends or new people. I will try to be there next year again :)

Malerwartung Göppingen (interesting for painters near Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

The next Painter meeting in Göppingen is on the next Saturday (Sa.26.02.11)

the adress is: Kirchstraße 11, 73033 Göppingen.

Some friends of me Schiraga and Troll, managed to make this meeting and get a room for it (I hope it's no problem that I post ist here)

So if you live near Göppingen and always wanted to visit a painter meeting this will be the best choice. For more information check out their Blog: http://waaaghoftroll.blogspot.com/

So finally I want to show you some finished stuff, another great sculpt from Automaton.

And a little test display for my Airbrush set, these little guys have a size from 10 and 15mm and are sculpted from Vlad Junger.

Ben, I copied your eye from the ultimate Quentin miniature.

You might ask what a toilet does on a foreign planet, I don't know.. be creative :D

À bientôt Olivier


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