Tutorial - using material from old watches

by Roman aka jar

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This time it is a long time planned article, but somehow we lost the photos or at least thought we did. Raffa did take the photos about half a year ago and now suddenly they've appeared again. This article brings you inspiration on what great material you can find in old watches.

First let me explain how you can get some old watches. There are many places you can get them, for example ebay by searching for "watch convolut", additional to that you can search on flea market or ask friends as i did while i was in school - i just asked everyone for old watches they have at home and if they want to give them to me for free, many did and so i was equipped. Just make sure they are old watches, not those new digital stuff.

Now what there is to do with old watches you finally can call your own?
It is kind of simple, rip them apart and don't hurt yourself. For ripping them apart i recommand using some fine tools like fine screw drivers for the main body. Always know it has been build together so you can disambley them as well. Sometimes you will get to the point were you might think "Damn, i am angry, this takes too long!" and you find yourself in the right mood to use more radical tools like a hammer or a calliper. Do so if you want but pay attention of not hurting yourself. This article is familiar with the content of an older article were i show how you can base with an old digital camera.

To business then...
Destroying and ripping apart in the progress...

Starting to collect the interior can make you a very happy hobby person:

Now what you can do? - some examples. First 2 bases build up by Raffa, including these tiny cog wheels and other stuff:

You can also use them not that massive like doing just a little addition to your base or model, more examples:


Final words
I hope this small article inspires you to try this on your own. For the lazy folk around: I know Hasslefree Miniatures sells such parts in a set. Not the baddest idea i think.

So far, keep on happy painting!


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